Book Club Questions

1. What was your favorite part of Lacey's Lessons of Love? Why?

2. Were the characters believable? Do you have a favorite? Which one(s)? Why?

3. When Lacey finds the bat in the crock of sausage gravy ... did she handle it appropriately?

What should she have done it differently? What would you have done?

4. When Lacey dealt with poker, should she have allowed Brandon at the table? Should she have agreed to his proposition?

Why? Why not?

5. Brandon humiliated Lacey when she was typing. What could she have done to prevent it?

Should she have had a different reaction than what she did? What would you have done?

6. Miss Aimee prepared Lacey for the trip to Montana. Was Miss Aimee helpful? Was Lacey’s reaction reasonable?

Should something have been done differently? What?

Lacey’s Lessons of Love is the perfect romantic comedy read for a book club or yourself. Fun, full of   surprises, outrageous, ornery, cozy, discovery of self, and a romp. The ideal beach read to do a drop in and drop out for several hours of reader delight. To bring author Tammy Lough to your book club via

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