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Is Your Romance Novel Circling the Drain?

First Published in Writing on Gabriela Pereira's

AUG 31, 2023 by Tammy Lough

You wrote an amazing romance novel. Your book cover is dy-no-mite, and your back cover blurb is jump-up-and-slap-your-Pappy enticing! You hooked up with IngramSpark to give your book global distribution, plus, it’s available on Amazon.

But you have near ZERO sales. What went wrong?

I’m guessing you failed to promote your book. Promoting your book is crucial to its success. How can you expect people to purchase your award-worthy romance novel if they are unaware of its existence?

Let’s Sell Your Romance!


Take ownership of your personal BRAND by purchasing your DOMAIN ( with a reputable hosting service. Do a Google search for top hosting companies and choose one. Make your email address and social media “handles” similar so people remember you. Choose colors for your BRAND and use these for your website and all social media. For example, look at Gabriela’s web pages. Beautiful, consistent, and sharp colors. Part of her BRAND.

Promoting your book is MARKETING. You must market. Scenario: You go to the grocery store for cereal. The first three boxes are Twix, Cap’n Krunch, and Bomb Balls. You know you’ll choose Trix or Cap’n Krunch. The names are well known, the packaging is recognizable, and the tastes are familiar. Bomb Balls are completely unknown to you. Familiarity is the key to moving merchandise off the shelf. Become familiar.


A website is a must-have for any romance author looking to establish an online presence and connect with readers. Your website is a place to talk about, and get folks excited about your book. 


  1. Display your book cover and the back cover blurb.

  2. Offer an email newsletter to build your crucial email list. These folks become your fans and superfans. They buy your books and tell their friends.

  3. Post a bio so visitors can get to know you. 

  4. Write a blurb.

  5. Host a book club.

  6. Keep the site informative and fresh so folks want to revisit.


Having a presence on different social media sites will increase your book’s exposure and make it more recognizable.


  1. Amazon Author Central

  2. Facebook

  3. Instagram

  4. Twitter, (X?)

  5. LinkedIn

  6. Book Tok

  7. TikTok

  8. Pinterest

  9. Skype


Many of the following websites have FREE accounts. I found posting on social media is the best marketing tool. Remember to include the URL back to your author website. Use #hashtags to reach the masses.


The above websites, and there are more, allow you to create posters, bookmarks, etc. Have fun creating, posting, and becoming familiar!

Writers Write!!!

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