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Romantic Gestures Create Heat Waves

First Published in Writing on Gabriela Pereira's

OCT 19, 2021 by Tammy Lough

Talk is cheap. Rather than words, supply your characters with romantic gestures to back up their sweet little nothings. Your reader will love your character’s creative actions and so will an agent who considers your manuscript.

A reader plucks your romance novel from the shelf to lose herself in a world she can only imagine. What is the most exciting part? While she is reading your story, her dream is alive in her mind, playing like a movie reel… and feels real. Really real!

Romance novels outsell every other genre on the planet. Albeit, some readers simply want a kissing book with a drop-dead dashing hero and a gorgeous heroine, but c’mon, it goes a lot deeper than that.

Write your romance novel intending to hand your reader a story she can melt into as she takes a mental ride on a new and exciting romantic adventure. And you made it happen!

Read every scene out loud during your final edit. Peruse for romantic gestures, meaningful encounters between your hero and heroine.

If you come across a scene that doesn’t explode with realism and passion genuine to your character, give it a dumpster dive and rewrite until it does.

You promised your reader a romance novel. Write a romance novel that satisfies the heart’s desires. Create the most exciting, passion-filled story to lift her above and beyond her expectations.

Let’s discuss some romantic gestures our characters can borrow to turn up the romance notch 360 degrees.

A Hero’s Romantic Gestures

  1. Walks his lady to her car, opens the door for her, and makes sure she exits safely.

  2. Gives his lady a sensual foot rub. Wait, step on the brakes. How about upping this a few notches to the fantasy that is romance. She hears him stirring in the next room and soon he approaches, holding a warm, sudsy foot tub, scented lotion, and fuzzy socks hanging from his pocket. (Sensual to the 99th degree with an extra drizzle of sexy sauce).

  3. Spritzes her hair with a sensual fragrance and gently brushes it 100 strokes. (Divine. Bury me right here under the sofa).

  4. Listens when she talks about her day. (Receives bonus points for following up with a question or two to show he paid attention. Woo-worthy.)

  5. Sneaks a lottery ticket into her purse with a note: “I hit the jackpot when I met you.” (The stuff swoons are made of).

  6. Heats a relaxing mix of chamomile and lavender tea an hour before bedtime and serves her a cup. (Be still, my heart.)

  7. Wraps her in his arms to slow dance while dinner finishes baking. (She will melt like mozzarella atop buttered garlic bread.)

  8. Sets a vase of her favorite flowers by the coffee pot so she sees their gorgeous blossoms before leaving for work. (Wildflowers with sprays of ivory baby’s breath)?

A Heroine’s Romantic Gestures

  1. Writes a romantic note with a sexy slant and leaves it next to his coffee mug.

  2. Hands him a hotel key as he leaves for work on Friday and says she has a romantic weekend planned. *Wink*

  3. Borrows her man’s car while he is at work and returns it washed, waxed, and smelling like a spritz of her perfume.

  4. Spoons up to write finger messages on his back. Can he guess what she wrote? (Let her inner vixen out to play).

  5. Buys the soundtrack to his favorite film. (Asks him which song he would like to hear while she performs a striptease.)

  6. Tucks a love note in his laptop case. (And adds what she would love to do to him after work).

  7. Dresses like a masseuse to surprise him with a neck and shoulder rubdown in his home office. (Treats him to a sensual feather rubdown with flavored angel dust when he takes a break and follows her curved finger to her bedchamber.)

Psst: Strawberries are not only tasty, but romantic. Who could argue with strawberry shortcake, strawberry cheesecake, strawberry cream, chocolate-dipped strawberries, strawberry daiquiris, and freshly picked, plump and juicy strawberries popped into your lover’s mouth? YUM!

How sweeeet it is.

Writers Write!!!

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