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The Nobel Prize in Literature Awarded to: Artificial Intelligence?

First Published on Gabriela Pereira's

AUG 23, 2022 by Tammy Lough

Writers have vivid imaginations, so I am asking you to use this creative gift and imagine, for a moment, they nominated you for a Nobel Prize in Literature. It’s a stretch, but play along so I can make my point. You did not take the prize but are gracious and want to congratulate the winner. But you cannot. Why? The winner is an artificial intelligence (AI) content writing tool, and these tools could change the way novels are written, or not written, for centuries to come.

The process is simple. Plug keywords into a content writing tool, a robo-author, so to speak. These tools deliver near-flawless emails, blogs, novellas, short stories, and full-fledged novels. That is right, there are books available today solely written with an artificial intelligence tool. The book cover design? Yes, created by AI.

The end product? Not a mumble-jumble-piece of nonsensical sentences. No, it produces content ready for a byline and out to market. Let us say you are due to write a blog post for your author’s website. Plug in a few keywords and moments later a blog appears using excellent SEO content which awards your blog higher exposure on top search engines. A person could set aside an afternoon to research a book idea and then enter prime keywords into their tool of choice. They could hold a full-fledged novel in their hands before bedtime. Is this a fair practice? Using this type of tool, where does an author’s voice come into play? Is that not why we purchase books from our favorite authors? We like the unique way they paint their words and weave their tales?

Writing a book is hard work. Many non-writing folks feel our job is fairly cushy, but we must imagine the project, research and organize the material, write the copy, conclude, edit, line-edit, have it agent’d, and published. The person authoring the piece must be creative and write in such a way as to engage a reader and keep her engaged until the final word.

Promotional Advertising for Artificial Intelligence Writing Tools States:

  1. A timesaving jewel of a tool.

  2. You will feel more confident about writing a novel.

  3. You will enjoy seeing your story come to life in front of you.

Creators of Artificial Intelligence for Writers State:

  1. It is helpful for people who have problems with writer’s block.

  2. You do not need any experience in writing a novel, nor do you have to write it from start to finish.

  3. Based on the information you provide; your AI program will generate an original plot and well-developed characters.

GPT-3 Artificial Intelligence Advertising States:

  1. This rascal, developed by OpenAI, is the most advanced AI system yet and claims to mirror the way a human writes text. It generates unique stories by creating words, characters, scenes, and plots which are then synthesized into a novel.

The most brilliant man to share our airspace, the late physicist, Stephen Hawking, said this about artificial intelligence, “It will either be the best thing that’s ever happened to us, or it will be the worst thing. If we’re not careful, it very well may be the last thing.”  

Writers Write. (Their own words).


Tammy Lough loves creating women’s fiction bursting with humor, romance, and moxie aplenty. Read Lacey’s Lessons of Love, an Amazon #1 Best seller and the first book in the For the Love of Lacey series. Available Fall 2024: Lacey’s Circle of Love and Winter 2024: Lacey’s Legacy of Love. She is an active member of the Missouri Romance Writers of America, Romance Writers of America, Southwest Writers, Saturday Writers, and Women Writing the West. You can connect with Tammy on her website, or on X (Twitter) and Facebook.

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